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Ronie Rinjani

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Become contributor of LombokCare now!

Until now LombokCare is the first and only organization in Lombok who is fully committed to the rights of this specific target group. Therefor it is even more challenging because it seems to appeal in Lombok there's still very little knowledge available on how to deal with such physical disabilities.


Mount Rinjani Trekking Specialist
Welcome to "Rinjani Trekking Club"
We believe it is important that you are comfortable and safe on your expedition. We provide a friendly and professional team who will be available to help you with your needs at all times. When you are finding the going tough, our team will patiently help you; when you are hungry, they cook for you; when you’re tired they prepare your camp so that you can rest.

Rinjani Trekking Club are Team of young biologists, naturalists and providing experts Trekking Guide in mountaineering , especially to Mount Rinjani Lombok.our Teams are trained & licensed in search & rescue technique (SAR-Lombok), use local porters and promote a code of environmental good conduct.

While everybody speaks about sustainable tourism without really act, Rinjani Trekking Club has decided to set-up a strategy, on own scale, to effectively act against this major issue.

The actions that we have done for Mount Rinjani are: provide guidance, counseling to the porters and guides and on every our trips, we always bring a sack to carry the garbage down from the national park, and then we pay the garbage from Porters and guide.

Joining us it means you've been helping us to success our program "garbage management" in Mount Rinjani.

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mount rinjani lombokMount Rinjani Trekking Lombok
The Mount Rinjani offers the adventures, awesome scenery, waterfall, pristine rain forest, wildlife, hot spring, caves, hiking, amazing view of the lake, interesting culture and of course a volcano.
Gunung Rinjani is considered by all Lombok and Bali people as sacred mountain, it's believed that as home of the gods. it's for these reason that the trek up mount Rinjani is far more important than just the climb itself; it is a pilgrimage to the god and all their powers.
The komodo dragonKomodo Tour
The Komodo" DRAGON" is a kind of giant lizard, and the only animal of its kind that has survived. they still inhabit parts of Flores, particularly the island of Komodo.  At two fixed location, visitor can watch their behaviors. the Komodo National Park includes the water around komodo island, Rinca and some other tiny island in the group. the park is 59.000, hectares large. we invite you to come and join us to have excellent experiences, ... but beware!..... komodo bites.
komodo kayakingKomodo Kayaking

Indonesia is home to 18,000 islands many of which are remote and uninhabited. we are the only company running kayaking expeditions around the world famous and infamous Komodo Islands. This group of approximately 20 islands is the habitat of some of the greatest reefs and fish collections on Earth. It is also where the mighty Komodo Dragons still roams

Make a sacrifice on Mount Bromo
The caldera, known as the “sand sea”, has a diameter of 11 kilometers. Three mountains in its center are still active.they are semeru (the highest mountain of Java 3.676 meters high), Bromo ( 2.382 maters ) and Tengger ( 2.770 maters).


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We are Team of young Biologists, Naturalists, and Expert in mountaineering survival( Especially for Mount Rinjani Trekking Lombok ) and tropical rain forest. Our tours are designed to show your more than just the usual tourist attraction of the country as we also emphasize on the culture, people, flora and fauna when they travel with us