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Lombok Biking Tour


The Fun Ways To discover Lombok
Lombok’s charm lies in its centuries – old, tranquil mountain areas peppered village with rice paddy fields, small traditional villages and stunning views of lombok’s unspoiled beach – all surrounding by culture absent the marks of widespread international tourism.
The better way to discover this hidden lombok’s than on a fun, easy going guides is by biking.
Our program:
  1. Lingsar Biking Tour
Biking through the back roads of lombok most fertile area, your will pass traditional farming and irrigation system dating back to the times of Balinese colonialization of lombok. Endless view of terraced rice field.
Price: US $ 45,00 / person, Total duration: 3 hrs, 2 hrs biking

2. Pusuk Pass Biking Tour
Start your morning at Pusuk pass, 800 meters above sea level in the heart of monkey forest. Take spectacular panoramic photos of the mountains and gilis to the north and then head down the road by biking to the sea. Breakfast on secluded pantai Sira is optional.
Price: US $ 25,00 / person, Total duration 3 hrs, 1 hrs biking  

3. Gunung Pengsong Biking Tour
Bike around this historic mountain renowned for its ancient Hindu temple set atop its peak. Park your bike and climb the steps to visit the temple and observe the spectacular views of Lombok straits.
Price: US $ 45,00 / person, Total duration 3 hrs, 2 hrs biking

4. Sekotong / South Lombok Biking Tour
Lombok Biking’s “ Real Adventure Tour” takes you through landscapes of rugged. Arid lands contrasted by fertile, rice-growing areas. You will encounter ‘ tribal’ communities who live in more traditional homes and follow customs of days gone-by. A more physically demanding ride for intermediate bikers.
Price: US $ 65,00 / person, Total Duration 5 hrs, 3 hrs biking

5. Ride of the Day
Ask our local tour guides about today’s Ride of the Day, which may capitalize on an annual local celebration, or take you on a newly discovered route.
Price: US $ 50,00 / person.  

Price Included:
Bicycle, Transportation to Bike route, tour guide, drinking water, snack, lunch box.
Trips minimal 2 pax.

Descriptive day to day tour itinerary, price, flight schedule, hotel/accommodation, weather condition etc, Please do not hesitate to contact us


"...The expedition is exhausting, no doubt, but the sheer size and beauty be seen to be believed. This was definitely a life altering experience ..."

Gerrard Neve, Rinjani 2004

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