The province of east Nusa Tenggara comprises the string of island shown on the map as an inverted pyramid, referred to by some as the Gate of the rising sun.

According to legend, these islands were created when clumps of earth were accidentally scattered by the gods when they were creating the larger islands of the Indonesian archipelago. Centuries ago, ships from all over the world visited these islands in search of species and sandalwood

The Land

East Nusa Tenggara consist of hundreds of islands, 246 of which have names, while 320 are unnamed. This group of islands is located between latitudes 118’55’ and 125’01’ east and longitudes 8’03’ and 11’08’ south.

East Nusa Tenggara has a dry tropical climate. The weather is influenced by the monsoon winds. The rainy season falls between the month December January, march- April, and dry season may – June and October – November.

The area of East Nusa Tengara occupies an area of 49.879.98 square kilometers, and has a population of 3.500.000. it is divided into 12 regencies and one township.

The people living in this area speak various regional languages. Houses are designed with high conical roofs. East Nusa Tenggara’s ikat textiles are world famous. Its traditions and artistic expressions are unique.

Roughly 57 percent of the territory is hilly, with cliffs. The lowlands lie generally around the beaches and river mouths. The tourist attractions of East nusa tenggara are its island, seas, bays, beaches and mountains, tradition, arts and legends.


There is a saying ’’Ulu gheta leja geju eko ghale bajo bima’’ which means the head faces the sunrise (in the east) in east flores, and the tail towards the sunset (in the west) in labuan bajo, manggarai, west flores. This metaphor symbolizes a dragon, lying with its head at the eastern end of flores, and its tail in west manggarai, or Nusa nipa, the name of flores island before the arrival of the Portuguese.Manggarai, whose capital is Ruteng, was once ruled by the kings of Bima. The influences of Bima and Goa are evident in prevailing titles, such as karaeng, and in the manner of dress.

The shape of the roofs, with the buffalo horn symbol, may be an element inherited from the Minangkabau. The cool town of Ruteng lies at the foot of a mountain. It can be reached by air from Denpasar and Kupang or overland from the western part of the island via Labuan bajo, or from the eastern part via Ende – Bajawa.

In previous centuries, Reo was a part of considerable trading potentials. Beside the famed komodo lizard, the area has many attractions to offer tourists, such as the Caci dance, a wildlife reserve, and archeological caves.

Liang Bua is a cave 13 kilometers from Ruteng, which not so long ago caused minor sensation due to the finding of rare prehistorically fossils.

Ulumbu, lying far behind the mountains and near the southern coast, has a geyser, spurting water 15 meters high into the sky. The places, however, is not easy to reach.

Caci is an interesting dance. Two warriors wearing traditional clothes face each other, each holding a shield in the left hand and a lash whose tip is covered with dried buffalo skin, in the right. This dance is accompanied by gong beats, and preceded by chants, Sung by males.

Horse races can be seen in karo village, south of Ruteg. In former times, such races drew participants from as far as Bajawa, Boawae and even Ende. Magic is said to be often involved. Usually held during big holidays.

Mount Pocoranaka is the highest mountain on flores island, and practically unexplored.
Ranamese is a big lake in the mountains. The air is cool and sometimes misty. Good for relaxing, water sports, fishing. Some lodgings and modest restaurants are available.

Labuhan Bajo is the jumping board for tours to the Komodo National Park and other areas in east Nusa Tenggara.

Batu Cermin Cave is five Kilometers from the town Labuhan Bajo. The grotto is 75 by 75 meters large and contains stalactites and stalagmite.
Some tunnels are arrow and dark but in other sunlight falls.

Historic Ende, Ende was the site of a kingdom that excised around the end of the 18th century. The name today refers to capital of ende regency, which includes the autonomous territories of Lio and Ende. The people of the area are therefore known as Lio-Ende people.

KeliMutu is Holy Mountain with three crater lakes, filled with water of different colors. Far removed from the civilized would, utter silence reigns around these lakes. The 1.690 meters high mountain, 60 kilometers from Ende was “discovered” by a Dutchneb van suchtelen and Le Roux, who came to explore it after hearing stories about the mountain which the local people regarded as the location of Heaven and Hell.

According to legend, the man kelimutu was punished by the gods due to his cruel treatment of the weak. The story presumably refers to the giant Ata Polo Ria, who ill treated the orphans Ata Koo Fai and Ata Nuwa Muri, as well as the old man Ata Bupu. As a punishment the gods put the giant to death.

Those three lakes are believed by certain people who still adhere to the old ancestral beliefs to be Heaven and Hell. The guardians holding the key of the gates are Konde and Ratu. The color of the water that fills the lakes constantly changes. As a result, the red like is now light-green; the green one has turned black, while the dark blue one has not changed.

KAT-06: Flores Explore 10 days

Highlight ( Komodo dragon, red beach, kayaking, Culture, adventure, volcano )
Type Culture, Adventure, Ecotourism
Term of booking Minimum 4 days before arrival date, confirmation, advanced deposit is required.

Day 01: Denpasar – Labuhan Bajo ( Flores )
from Hotel ( Bali ) Transfer you to Domistic airport for Labuan Bajo – Flores.
Upon arrival at L.Bajo Airport Flores, transfer direct to hotel. After lunch in a local restaurant, spend the afternoon by Traditional CACI DANCE. Overnight in Labuhan Bajo Flores.

Day 02: Labuhan Bajo – Komodo Island
After breakfast transfer to L. Bajo harbor to Cross the Sape strait by open fishing boat to Komodo Island (approx. 4 hrs). Lunch on boat. Arrival late afternoon at Loh Liang, then set out on foot for a 30 minutes walk to the feeding ground of the komodo, in a small valley which ensures safe observation as the huge reptiles attack their captive prey, their tails lashing as they vie for the right to an easy dinner. Return to the Boat for Dinner and overnight on the Boat.

Day 03: Komodo – Rinca – L. Bajo
Continue to red beach, the beach with pink color sand; snorkeling and waiting for breakfast.
after breakfast continue to Rinca island and explore tha other habitat of the dragon, here the komodo more wild then in komodo island, beware your legs. then sail back to L. Bajo, arrive in labuhan Bajo around 4 o’clock then check in to hotel for overnight.

Day 04: Labuhan Bajo – Ruteng
After breakfast we set out towards Ruteng. On the way we visit Pan Village, Old Katedral and Golo Curu hilltop. Dinner and overnight in hotel.

Day 05: Ruteng – Bejawa
After breakfast on the way to Bajawa we visit Bena, Lang and Wage Villages, Soa hot spring. Lunch box will be provided. Dinner and overnight in hotel.

Day 06: Bejawa – Ende – Moni
After breakfast departure for Ende. On the way we visit Non Bose hilltop, and Ndona village famous for hand weavings. Late afternoon arrive in Ende. Dinner and overnight in hotel.

Day 07: Explore the Kalimutu Lake
After breakfast transfer you to Moni, a small village at the foot of Kelimutu lake . Start the 2-hour hike to the lake. Return for dinner and overnight in hotel.

Day 08: Moni – Maumere
After breakfast we set out towards Maumere. On the way we visit Leonardo Museum, Nita village famous for hand weaving, and finally Bola fishing village. Dinner and overnight in hotel.
Friday March 24, 2006

Day 09: After breakfast, transfer to Airport for your next destination.

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Gerrard Neve, Rinjani 2004

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